Two‑factor authentication security measure is not enough for complete data protection

The way sensitive data is stored is becoming a real problem for many companies. The space in which the organization’s sensitive information will be stored must be fully and reliably protected. But many programs that are designed for document exchange are not willing to give the proper level of protection to trust them with valuable data. However, the online virtual room space is designed to store and exchange important data within the program without any risks. In this article, we will tell you exactly what security features VDR is ready to offer. 

Physical security features

Even though VDR is an entirely virtual tool, it still needs to comply with physical security regulations. On-site security is just as important as deploying a security-equipping mechanism, and it includes:

  • Physical data protection -Data centers where vast amounts of diverse company data from around the world go and storage facilities are secured with robust security that runs 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Reliable infrastructure components – the quality of equipment determines the success and reliability of operations
  • Real-time data backup – backups help restore data after any damage, so the chance of losing all information due to a cyber-attack is zero
  • Disaster recovery -this feature saves copies to remote data centers and keeps them safe from any disruptions
  • Multi-level data encryption -encrypted data cannot be decrypted without a special key, so data leakage is simply impossible, outside the data center the documents provide no value
  • Multiple server locations – When company data is distributed across multiple data centers, this also reduces the risk of any damage

Access to security features

Virtual data rooms are designed for the secure exchange of financial, legal, audit documents, and therefore they provide access control and document interaction features that include:

  • Selective permission settings – usually virtual data rooms for mergers and acquisitions offers access control based on role assignment, each user is assigned a role that determines his or her capabilities in the space and the list of documents that he or she can review
  • User-defined permissions for documents – instead of roles, administrators can manually decide what permissions to grant to which user
  • Single sign-on – so users can have access to their accounts with the same credentials, even if they are working on different projects
  • Two-step verification – password protection that requires some additional information (code)
  • Limit time and IP-address -Administrators can limit the time of some VDR participants to use the room via IP-address
  • Use log and reporting – the administrator always has control over any user actions and is always aware of any changes
  • User security impersonation – this function helps the system administrator to make sure that the access that he gave to other participants is available only in the required amount

Document protection features

In addition to protecting against external threats, VDR also provides functions for protecting documents within the program, among them:

  • Dynamic watermarks – these marks are installed on documents, after which the administrator will be able to see what actions were taken with this document, and what actions were taken, this helps to identify unscrupulous users and avoid data leakage
  • Fence view – this function serves as a block from unwanted scanning or photographing of the document
  • Safe spreadsheet viewer – view the contents of Excel spreadsheet in complete safety, you can also configure access parameters to them
  • Remote wipe – if something irreparable happened, and your device was stolen, you can secure the data that was in it and delete all files remotely

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